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What AI can do

Video promotion for business & what AI can do

E-commerce tips

Dealing with social media can be hard when you multitask simultaneously with your E-commerce store and a million other things. Showcasing your brand requires time, preparation, and thought. Of course, if you are a twenty-year-old who posts every day or more on TikTok and "you are the brand", it might be more accessible or more complex, depending on what you showcase.

But let's imagine for a minute that you run a larger company with an inventory of more than fifteen thousand products, AND you want to showcase it while showing off your brand! How in the world are you going to do that? There are many channels to use, like IG, Facebook, TikTok, and so on, but if you cannot hire a full-time crew to deal with it, chances are you will be working late!

Yes, indeed, my E-commerce warriors, "Tempus fugit".

But I will provide you with free tips in this article that you can take to the bank!

what AI can do for you

The future of E-commerce for larger enterprises

However, suppose you are a large brand whose business is, for example, oil, and you suddenly realize that your website needs to be updated. I can help you in that case, but let me tell you a quick story first:

Years ago, many web design companies sold cheap packages or solutions to large companies, requiring their clients to depend on their services to update their websites over time! Yes, you got it. Milking the cow dry, sort of speak. The result was that many large corporations today have websites that could use an upgrade. How do I know that? Because I used to be a salesman back in the day.

But now the world is changing rapidly with the new tier of AI and robot tech, and I sense that it is a brand new world when webshops are concerned. I imagine very shortly: no themes or hours of setup to build a store from scratch.

There will simply be AI.

Can you picture a online store with a face you designed that welcomes you and offers guidance through all the services of the provider of goods?

ai business plan generator

How to improve a website?

Free tip for business owners!

Corporations' websites should always showcase their workers and abilities, especially now, through interviews, video promos, and other content. They are, after all, the reason for the existing business, and I rarely see a website that manages this well. I am not talking about just pictures of the employees and their names, CVs, and titles but weekly updated content. A website can be compelling, but in the swamp of social media, I fear some of the magic of a website has just become a business card when it can be so much more. Feel free to contact me if this makes sense to you!

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What AI can do

Yes, dear reader, AI is here, but can you use it in E-commerce? The simple answer is yes. It is definitely a time saver, but you also give away control. To clarify: if you use apps for every function in the store and have many products, will you check the SEO and alt text on all products? Probably not!

Let me get you up to speed with some facts: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape. AI-powered algorithms and machine learning are transforming the way we shop, making it more convenient, personalized, and efficient than ever before.

With AI, online retailers can analyze vast amounts of customer data, predicting buying patterns and preferences to offer tailored recommendations. From personalized product suggestions to customized shopping experiences, AI algorithms accurately anticipate what customers want, even before they do.

But AI's impact on e-commerce goes beyond personalization. Intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants enable seamless customer service, providing instant support and resolving queries with ease.

These chatbots are equipped with natural language processing capabilities, ensuring a smooth and engaging conversation. Additionally, AI is simplifying inventory management and supply chain processes. Retailers can optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and provide faster delivery through predictive analytics and automation. The future of online shopping is bright, thanks to the transformative power of AI. You can set up a simple store using AI today, but as soon as taxes and shipping from different suppliers in, let's say, Alibaba comes into play, you still need to be hands-on and this is crucial!

dropshipping is it worth it

E-commerce tips

How do I deal with social media content for multiple stores?

First, I will overview where the products or services would have the highest conversion.

I pick the best-selling products from our updated monthly inventory and showcase them regularly in different venues, online services, and sometimes with ads, depending on which store I am dealing with.

That means setting up stores in all the social media outlets like Meta and so on. 

I premake video content molds, one showcasing the product, another with a direct price discount, and the third showing off the brand. I apply to it around five products in each of our stores. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the product. The US is the primary market for most of our stores, besides Stuffgoodies, which is global, so I follow the American calendar of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day and have special offers with different seasons. However, for Europe, I focus more on price and shipping.

I will cover Asia in another blog post, so stay tuned if that is your primary area of E-commerce.

I usually follow this method, which allows me to work structuredly and post what I need to do regularly. Hot tip: "YouTube is great for ranking and being visible. And remember, LinkedIn is more important than you might think for branding, too."

I set aside about five days each month to create multiple desktop and mobile videos. Content I make for clients is set apart from this timewise, depending on the amount of work needed.

It is a lot, but it is also fun to create video content. Remember that I am also a professional narrator and musician, which gives me extra dimension in creativity and original content. You can see what I can do here:

E-commerce for beginners 

Managing e-commerce is more than just putting your products in a store. To build a new brand over time, you must invest time, money, sweat, and sacrifice sleep for business. 

Do you need advice, consulting, a new online store, problem-solving, or video content for social media? Do not hesitate to contact me. 

I am aware, my e-commerce warriors, that only some have the benefits of working from home as I do. However, try to follow my outline of tips. 

You should be able to work more effectively and stay on top of social media while maintaining the quality of your brand for maximum social media output.

Quality still has value!

I leave you on that crucial cliffhanger.

(I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line below in the comment section}


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