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shopify developer partner, shopify expert

Master Shopify: Comprehensive Online Course for Beginners

$100.00 USD
Master Shopify with our comprehensive online course! Perfect for beginners, our step-by-step tutorials will guide you through setting up your store, managing inventory, and marketing strategies. Learn from industry experts...
Smart Worker or Hard Worker?

Smart Worker or Hard Worker?

$50.00 USD
Are you tired of wasting precious time on trivial tasks like tweaking fonts or endlessly optimizing mobile speed? Fed up with endless document requests from payment providers or waiting weeks...
Website Analysis: How to Optimize Your Online Presence

Site Review

$880.00 USD$800.00 USD
JFK Løvlien, a certified Shopify partner, offers expert Website Analysis: How to Optimize Your Online Presenceservices to assess the effectiveness and functionality of your existing website. With a keen eye...
Social Media Video Content

Social Media Video Content: One-Hour Consultation

$55.00 USD
VIEW VIDEO CONTENT JFK Lovlien specializes in crafting Social Media Video Content,tailored for social media platforms. These videos are custom-made to suit specific needs, ensuring they resonate effectively with the...
Shopify Webshop Consultation


$50.00 USD
In a one-hour Shopify Webshop Consultation with JFK Lovlien, you can expect a comprehensive and personalized session focused on creating a roadmap for your new website or webshop. JFK Lovlien...