How to set up e commerce website? Learn from me

Creating your first E commerce store with my help saves time, money and frustration

 How to set up e commerce website:

"Let's discuss e-commerce. Some people say, 'Dropshipping is easy; you just set up a site in a day and start selling!'"

Although it is possible to create a webshop in a day, I can guarantee that it will not look good or be user-friendly. That means you will sell less in 99% of all cases!
The learning curve is steep when entering E-commerce because you must deal with many factors that require various approaches.

Learning by doing & Research

I began my journey in May 2020 when the lockdown started in Norway. My wife and I had already researched e-commerce, and we dove into it, creating a store containing around 30.000 products from a large supplier of products in the US. We quickly encountered difficulties we could not have imagined. And I did the work, learning every step of the way and making many mistakes, too. Spending too much time on the wrong things is also typical within E-commerce; I did that, too, and many hours have gone into attaining the know-how I now possess about E-commerce in general. However, We started to sell and, over time, created a successful company. That was five years ago; I have learned so much since then.

Why you should book a consultation with me!

I am now a partner in five E-commerce stores  {not including my own}, and have also become a Shopify Partner, building complete store solutions for sale: {Have a look at the Law Firm store demo}, and offering anything from video content design to creating audiobooks. E-commerce takes much more time than you would think, and that's why so many simply do not become successful because of the time it requires.

Another factor is marketing, which is a full-time job alone. Then there is SEO, which is time-consuming, primarily dull, and needs your time!
You can get some good apps to do it for you, but they will be costly. Perhaps you plan on getting your products into markets like Amazon, Etsy, or Google Shop. Those platforms can easily give anyone a heart attack with their limited service. They will eat up your time.

Then there is website speed, which I could write books about now because of the time I had to spend figuring out the problems of having a slow store or website. Setting up a website or webshop requires knowledge, an understanding of esthetics, marketing, and more. I can help you with all this.

Why not look at the different packages I offer and book a consultation? It will save you time and money in the long run and you will end up with a fast-fantastic-looking website, made for high conversion.
I am looking forward to talking to you!

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