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A Life of Creativity and Learning

JFK Løvlien 

JFK Løvlien, a Norwegian entrepreneur and certified Shopify partner store builder, brings a rich blend of expertise to his projects. With a background in sales, marketing, music, art, writing, and webshop design, JFK Løvlien offers a unique perspective to every endeavor. Since 2020, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the E-commerce industry, running multiple successful webshops.

Renowned for his innovative approach, JFK Løvlien excels in maintaining his clients' brand integrity while creating visually appealing webshops and websites. His creations boast high conversion rates and solid Google rankings, reflecting his commitment to quality. JFK Løvlien's guiding principle is that perfection is achieved only when a project is rock solid.


I am dedicated to crafting exceptional webshops and websites, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. I am committed to ongoing education, always seeking new knowledge and skills to enhance my craft.



I aim to listen closely to my clients, understanding their needs deeply. By doing so, I strive to enhance their vision in ways that may exceed their initial expectations.


Embrace aesthetics and prioritize user-friendliness, high conversion rates, and speed in design.

In moments of utter exhaustion, when you believe you've exhausted all reserves, that's when delving deeper unveils the true essence of your being.



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