Smart work: Quit wasting time!

Smart work: Quit wasting time on nonsense, smart worker


As I write this blog post this evening, the latest news about SEO comes to mind. 

Neil Patel said, "The first is AI, which takes what's on the web and "regurgitates" the same old info.

People want to read something new…"

That is very interesting because, in the last years, we have been more or less forced to use AI-created content "because everyone else is doing it."

But is this true, or have we become so used to our trusted AIs that we can whip out a blog post in seconds? I think the answer is somewhere in between. I read from Neil Patel's latest article that when using AI, you can write content, post it into a CMS, and publish it all within 16 minutes.

On the other hand, a human will use an average of 69 minutes. So, the efficiency of the output between a human and AI is vast, but AI just reproduces old material while humans can still create new content that matters. Neil Patel then described that quality beats a large production of AI-created nonsense over time and demonstrated how he uses AI to create content. 

Working smart vs working hard

I ponder this information because, on the one hand, I am a Dropshipper and do more SEO than I would like; on the other hand, I create webshops and design and construct stores for clients. On top of all that, I am a fiction writer, and I don't use any AI for that, but it demands—my time, attention, and effort to make the language flow the way I want.

Time is of the essence for me, and I want to complete SEO as efficiently and quickly as possible!

However, using apps for everything, SEO also means losing control. My point is that several of our stores have thirty thousand or five thousand products, and I need more time to check that all the SEO is good. Google merchant center does not make it easier either. To be honest, it is all VERY time-consuming. And this is the main problem I encounter every day that bothers me:

The most minor thing online can rob you of hours. 

That's why I had to grab myself by the neck to discipline myself and not waste time on things that are not important!

Smart work: Quit wasting time

Think about it when you sit around and piss away time on the perfect font or to get your mobile speed up to 90% in Pingdom. Remember when a payment provider requires documents for the 5th time as a security check that is supposed to serve you as a customer or a theme developer that requires one week to answer you on a simple matter. 

Yes, my E-commerce friends, it steals away our time; hell, just getting a new app to work can mess up your night if you are unlucky! Then, there is social media content, which is a full-time job. 

Smart worker: This is how

So where is Løvlien going with all of this, you might ask?

The answer is simple: I am launching a new consult service you can order in my store. The mission is to help clients like you, dear reader, streamline their time better when E-commerce is involved and erase things that slow you down. 

It will be for one hour only and will cost you $50.

Smart Worker or Hard Worker 

Click here to learn more 


Smart Worker or Hard Worker


If I can help you shuffle your way out of the fog of details in the jungle of e-commerce, I dare say it would be worth it!

And I might learn a lot myself from this experience.

Until next time, my dear E-commerce warriors.

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Du imponerer meg. Ikke grenser for hva du kan få til!! Stå på! Heier på deg:-)

Hils familien.


PS! Snik inn litt rangetid:-)

April 17, 2024 at 23:03pm

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